How Often Should You Have an Eye Exam

Staying healthy means having regular medical exams. Your eyes are no exception and should be a part of your overall healthcare routine. How often you should receive an eye exam is not written in stone. Several factors affect when you should visit the eye doctor. At Luke Eye Associates, we are a full-service optometry office in Midland, TX. We provide comprehensive eye care for every member of the family. We take an individual approach to your eye care and our team is passionate about healthy eyes.


Eye care begins at birth. Your baby's eyes will be examined in the hospital. After that, your baby should get an eye exam within the first year. If nothing unusual is found and there is no family history of eye issues, the next exam should occur before your child enters school. You may notice if your child has a vision issue and if you suspect a problem, it is best to have an eye doctor perform an examination right away.

Much of your child's schoolwork will require good vision. If it is determined that your child needs glasses to correct their vision, it can be stressful. We aim to make visiting our office a pleasant experience for your child. We offer a wide selection of frames for children of all ages. Our goal is to find a pair of glasses that your child actually wants to wear.

Adult Eye Exams

For adults under the age of sixty, an eye exam every two years is the excepted standard. Of course, if you wear glasses or contacts, you may find that you want to have an eye exam every year to make sure any changes in your vision are addressed.

Once you get past 60 years old, a yearly exam is recommended. If you have an underlying condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, it may be suggested that you get an eye exam every six months. Talk to our eye doctors for their suggestions.

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